About Health, Safety & Environment

Our mission:

To integrate a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible culture into the working and learning experience at the University of British Columbia.

Operating Principles

In actively supporting the University of British Columbia’s vision, and achieving the mission of the Department of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), we will:

  • Respect the privacy of all and be sensitive to the diversity of culture and ability in the selection, design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of HSE programs.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental commitment towards providing and maintaining a safer, healthier, and more environmentally responsible workplace.
  • View challenges as opportunities for creativity and innovation by seeking input, accepting feedback, and applying new learning.
  • Provide challenging work for staff and support their professional growth in an environment that fosters pride and excellence in their work.
  • Assist clients in understanding, integrating, and implementing health, safety, and environmental principles into the workplace culture.
  • Demonstrate integrity and transparency in our work.
  • Be accountable for developing and delivering effective, ethical, timely, and value-added solutions with and for our clients.