COVID-19 Infection Control

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Preventing exposure to COVID-19

Following appropriate health guidance during the current COVID-19 response will reduce your risk of infection. Organizations such as the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Public Health Canada, and the World Health Organization, have issued COVID-19 related health guidance which, if followed, helps to reduce the risk of infection:

Wash hands thoroughly and frequently Use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands
Wipe down frequently touched surfaces and objects Avoid touching your head/face whenever possible
Minimize your contact with others through physical distancing by keeping about two metres apart when outside your home If you are sick or come into contact with a person who is sick, stay home and follow guidance about self-isolation



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Working safely on campus

If you encounter an area or situation that appears to have an elevated risk of contact with COVID-19, contact your supervisor for assistance.

UBC Okanagan COVID-19 Safety Guidance

The below documents have been compiled by HSE and reflect infection control guidance from Health Canada, the BC CDC, Safety and Risk Services and UBCO IDAPP (Infectious Disease and Pandemic Planning Committee) for the context of the UBCO campus.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to review these documents and to apply the guidance, where appropriate, in an effort to follow infection control best practices and to reduce potential spread of COVID-19. Questions about these documents should be directed to

Infection Control Consultations

Members of the Health, Safety & Environment and the Campus Health team are available to provide safe working consultations, either in person or online, and help to develop COVID-19 safety plans. Please contact to request support.

Working safely remotely

It’s always important to ensure you are working safely, whether on campus or remotely.

HSE Ergonomics and Virtual Ergo Assessments

UBC HR Ergonomics Guide to Working from home

UBC HR guide to Telecommuting

UBC Broadcast – Secure Remote Working

Absences and Incident Reporting due to COVID-19 and/or Self-isolation requirements

If you suspect you have been exposed to, or contracted COVID-19 at UBC or through your association with UBC, please notify your supervisor and report the incident through CAIRS.

COVID-19 Claims WorkSafeBC info

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

There is currently a global shortage in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), e.g. protective masks and gloves, due to the impact the COVID-19 situation is having on supply chains. If you are aware of any PPE supplies at UBC that are currently not being used and could be recirculated around campus please email

You can find information about UBC’s stance on PPE in the PPE Guidance document.

Other health and safety resources

Occupational Health and Safety

Mental Health

Physical Well-being

Questions regarding own health?

The Occupational & Preventive Health (OPH) unit provides free and confidential services to UBC staff, faculty, and paid students to help protect their health and safety in the workplace.