Green Research

The Green Research Program facilitates the sustainable reduction of the research footprint on the environment.

HSE works in partnership with UBC Okanagan Sustainability on recycling and recovery programs. HSE also provides training, guidance, and consultations on green research initiatives.

Green Research Prize Draw

Each year Health, Safety & Environment runs a prize draw for labs that contribute to green research initiatives on campus. The Green Research Prize Draw is happening this year from August to December 2021. Labs will be entered into the monthly draws each time:

  1. clean glass’ waste is picked up and diverted to recycling (managed through the Hazardous Waste Inventory System)
  2. lab plastics’ are recycled and tracked online (managed through the Sustainability Office)

This year’s Green Research Prizes are (1) re-useable gloves and (2) biodegradable gloves

The Lab Plastics Recycling Program is managed by the Sustainability Office.

For more information on Okanagan initiatives, contact or (250)807-8656.

Green Labs Program (RMS Vancouver)