Responsible Disposal of Unwanted Art Materials – Winners Announced

Congratulations to Miles Andrew Cornwell and Alexa Porteous, winners of the Responsible Disposal Poster Contest.

Cornwell and Porteous were recognized at an award ceremony during the Campus Operations and Risk Management Pit Stop on March 21.

Cornwell, a third-year civil engineering student, earned $200 and top spot for his submission: Where does it all go? His work will appear as information pieces in studios, laboratory sinks and other waste disposal areas across campus starting in April.

Porteous, a second-year visual arts student, was selected for second prize. She earned her $100 for her work, which will be used in online promotions to help educate the campus community about responsible disposal methods for fine arts materials.

The Responsible Disposal Poster Contest was organized by Health, Safety and Environment with support from the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Green Research Advisory Committee.