Green Labs Fund

Making an Positive Environmental Impact on the Okanagan Campus

If you’re looking for financial support to reduce the environmental impact of your research activities or laboratory, then this is the fund for you.

Health, Safety and Environment is looking for creative solutions to UBC-specific sustainability concerns and challenges at the university. The Green Labs Fund is available to researchers from both the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.

All UBC staff, faculty and students are eligible to apply.


In order to be considered by the evaluation committee, project proposals should:

  • Strengthen sustainability at UBC through reduction of environmental impacts resulting from research activities.
  • Benefit the UBC scientific community. (i.e. the project can be implemented by other departments).
  • Have an immediate or short term practical applicability and scalability(i.e. the project can be scaled beyond a small pilot application)
  • Demonstration that departmental matching funds may be available in order for the project to continue or to top-up in case green funding is not sufficient.
  • A brief written confirmation of expenditures and results, as well as progress reports will be required of the successful project managers.
  • Plan to include progress reports as these will be required from the successful project managers.


  • Applications for identical/very similar projects to previously approved projects
  • Recurring expenditures of previously approved projects
  • Departmental Operational Expenses
  • Historical Spending/Debts
  • Leisure/Activity programs that do not address greening laboratories issues
  • Scholarships, Grants, Bursaries
  • Research based projects (i.e. basic science “green” research projects or long term research projects, although extremely worthwhile are beyond the scope of this fund)
  • New research/teaching labs start-up expenses (i.e. usually covered by research /teaching start-up grants)

Application Process

All applicants must provide:

  • A complete application form including a written approval from the principal investigator.
  • A project summary that addresses all the points in the application form.
  • Receipt of the application will be confirmed by e-mail.

Previous Okanagan recipients:

A Biology laboratory at UBCO received $1000 to replace water baths and ice buckets with reusable Lab Armor beads. The project helps to reduce water and energy consumption.

Three applicants from the Okanagan campus have had their Green Research Proposals funded by the Green Research Fund. The successful applicants were:

  • Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Sandra Mecklenburg, in the Chemistry department of the Irving K Barber School of Arts and Sciences. She will be reducing the amount of water used in Undergraduate first year labs by replacing water aspirators with a vacuum pump system.
  • Zoё Soon, an instructor in the Faculty of Human and Social Development. Zoё‘s project involves purchasing models to use in place of anatomical samples thereby reducing hazardous waste from disposal.
  • Tim Abbott, a student in the UBC Okanagan Bioreactor Technology Group, directed by Dr. Cigdem Eskicioglu. Tim will be purchasing equipment to take chemical oxygen demand measurements using 75% less chemicals than used previously.

Health, Safety and Environment applauds these initiatives for the positive effect it will have on our consumption of water and production of hazardous waste. Additionally, a reduction in hazardous chemicals means a safer workplace due to less interaction with potentially harmful materials.