Welcome to the Judit Moldovan Memorial Award information site

We are pleased to announce two successful recipients of the Maldovan Memorial Award, which rewards $1,000 each to two individuals who have made innovative contributions that address specific concerns associated with the teaching and research ecological footprint at UBC.

Dr. Shahria Alam, in recognition of innovative contributions to sustainable teaching and research at UBC’s Okanagan Campus. In both a local and global context.

Dr. Alam’s research in sustainable civil infrastructure development demonstrates how these actions benefit UBC while giving back to the communities UBC exists to serve.  Dr. Alam’s involvement in graduate studies, professional associations, as well as contributions to the scientific community exemplify leadership and scholarship excellence in sustainable research and practice.

Dr. Kasun Neranja Hewage, in recognition of Dr. Hewage’s innovative contributions to sustainable teaching and research at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Dr. Hewage’s active engagement in academic, industrial, and community partnerships with the focus on the reduction and reuse of construction materials made him an ideal candidate for this award.  The practical positive implications of these partnerships in addition to the translation of sustainable projects into undergraduate teaching curriculum is both impressive and has far reaching positive benefits for both UBC and the communities we live and interact with.

Also, the Chemistry Department in the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences has set up the Judit Moldovan Annual TA Award.

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