Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures

To assist the UBC community with hazardous waste disposal, HSE developed written procedures and infographics to use as guidance.

The most up-to-date disposal procedures are listed under the sections below. We recommend you bookmark this webpage rather than individual SOPs, as the links no longer work when PDFs are updated.

Waste Tags

Waste tags are available electronically. All tags must be completely filled out with the type of waste, the name of the generator and the name of the PI / supervisor.

Waste Disposal Instructions

Biological Waste Chemical Waste Other
Biologically contaminated glass Chemical waste

(How to calculate percent solution)

Empty chemical containers
Blood & body fluids Chemically contaminated glass Clean glass
Contaminated animal & tissue Chemically contaminated solids Radioactive – contact hse.ok@ubc.ca
Uncontaminated animal & tissue Used oil
Insect waste Mercury
Risk Group 1 wastes
Risk Group 2 wastes

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