Small E-Waste

E-waste, also known as electronic waste, includes electronic items that are old, broken or obsolete.

At the UBC Okanagan campus, e-waste in divided into two main categories for disposal:

Category Examples Disposal
Small e-waste

Batteries, cords, computer mice, cellphones, other small electronics.

* light bulbs are not accepted

Burn out bulbs are replaced and disposed of by Facilities Management

Via HSE by placing in small e-waste disposal bins around campus
Large e-waste Computers, monitors, keyboards, scanners, printers, televisions, uncontaminated electronic scientific equipment Via Facilities Management by work request


Only batteries meeting certain criteria are accepted through the HSE e-waste bins.


Accepted in the bins Not Accepted in the bins

Under 5 kg

Single-use primary: Alkaline, Lithium Primary

Undamaged rechargeable: Nickel Cadmium (No-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickle Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Nickle Zine (Ni-Zn), Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb)



Over 5 kg

Wet cell (car or boat batteries)

Damaged rechargeable batteries (especially lithium):  Please contact HSE directly for pickup.



Cell phones

Cell phones can be recycled or reused through HSE programs. Prior to disposing or donating your cell phone, remove any personal accounts (iCloud, Blackberry account, etc) and complete a Factory Reset on the device. For Apple devices, the iCloud account must be removed before completing a Factory Reset to ensure all of the information has been wiped from the device.

Used cell phones fall into two streams:
  1. Recycled with e-waste (obsolete, or irreparably damaged)

Cell phones placed in the HSE e-waste bins are directly recycled with the rest of the e-waste generated at UBCO. Cellphones are not wiped by HSE prior to disposal. Cell phone owners are responsible for ensuring that their cell phone is in the appropriate condition for disposal (see above)

  1. Re-used (relevant, in working condition)

HSE works in partnership with CNIB Phone it Forward to donate re-usable phones that can be refurbished and given to a person with sight loss who needs it.

To determine if your phone is eligible for donation:

Fill out this online form and select ‘Compute Phone Value”. If your phone model is not available on the drop-down list, your phone is not eligible for the program.

To donate your phone through HSE at UBCO:
Complete a factory reset on your phone, drop it off to HSE in LIB 016 during open hours, or contact us at to arrange a drop-off time. You will sign a donor agreement and HSE will mail your donated phone and agreement on your behalf.
To donate your phone directly to CNIB:

Complete the eligibility form at and select ‘Submit Phone Entry’. Request a pre-paid envelope to mail your phone yourself to CNIB.