Ergonomics play an important role in our safety and well-being. Appropriately setting up your work station can enhance productivity and is helpful towards minimizing the risk of a wide range of injuries – from eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome to persistent neck or back pain.

Fortunately, many potential injuries can be avoided by making a few simple changes to the set-up of our workspaces and bringing awareness to the repetitive movements we perform as part of our daily work. HSE offers a range of services, to promote optimal working postures and practices to reduce workplace musculoskeletal injuries. These services include providing advice on ergonomic best practices, support in selecting furniture and equipment and completing ergonomic consultations and assessments as necessary.

 If working from home, it’s important to take the time to set-up our home workstations to support us working efficiently, comfortably and safely. Check out the Working from Home Ergonomics Guide or contact to arrange your virtual assessment.  

To access more of UBC’s Ergonomics resources, please visit the UBC Vancouver Ergonomics website.