Mandatory Training for all Workers

New Worker Safety Orientation

The New Worker Safety Orientation covers general safety information that all workers must be aware of before beginning to work at UBC. Once the general safety course is complete, workers must also participate in a site specific safety orientation as each area will have their own safety procedures (i.e. meeting area during a building evacuation, etc.).



The first part is online and covers the following general safety topics:

  • Policy #7: University Safety
  • Employer, Supervisor and Employee Responsibilities
  • Worker Rights
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Resolving unsafe work situations
  • Reporting Accidents/Incidents
  • First Aid
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Prevention of Bullying & Harassment
  • Violence Prevention
  • Emergency Procedures

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After the completion of the New Worker Safety Orientation, a site specific safety orientation is required to be completed with your supervisor or a person designated by your supervisor who is familiar with the hazards in your area.

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