NAOSH Week 2020

Safe Workplaces and Communities

May 3 – 9, 2020

UBCO’s Health, Safety & Environment invites you to participate in the safety-related activities listed below. Participate and win one of our fabulous draw prizes!


    • Training Challenge: Complete any of the Canvas Catalog courses and receive an entry into the draw for a NAOSH 2020 prize.


Home Office Ergonomics

      • Send us some pics! Show us a before and after photos of your home set-up, send us a pic that displays your ingenious ways to use household items to support your home office design and home office ergonomics.
      • Request a virtual assessment: Check out our ergonomics website and request a virtual assessment to receive an entry.
      • Take in an Ergo Webinar: Sign up for a ‘Home office Webinar’ and receive an entry.


Safe in our Community

    • Tell us about how you have supported safety in the community
    • Tell us about your commitment to community safety and how your actions have demonstrated this commitment
    • Ask your kids to do something that demonstrates safety in the community:
      • Draw a picture that demonstrates commitment to safety in the community
      • Use the internet to research a safety related topic (boat safety, water safety, first aid) and write a short story or essay that demonstrates your knowledge and / or commitment to protect yourself and those around you from injury and / or illness

Send us your pictures, drawings and other contest entries to