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HSE Introduces “Dive Safety” to the Okanagan

Interested in using diving as a tool for research? The Dive Safety Program within Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) manages the diving certification of faculty, staff and students engaged in research projects requiring scientific diving. Scientific diving is diving performed to collect specimens or data for scientific use under the auspices of an educational or research institute operating in accordance with the Canadian Association for Underwater Science “Standard of Practice for Scientific Diving”.

Skin and SCUBA diving extends numerous possibilities even further by allowing for the first-hand study of previously “inaccessible” areas and organisms. Fields of study at UBC currently using SCUBA diving as a research tool include: marine biology, zoology, botany, oceanography, chemistry, biology, and coastal processes.

While the use of diving as a tool for research can add considerable validity to research findings or theories, the gathering of data in marine and aquatic environments poses specific and significant risks that must be closely managed. The UBC Dive Safety Program has been established to manage those risks.

Anyone planning to use SCUBA diving as a tool for research or study under University auspices, must first be registered as a certified Scientific Diver with HSE. This status must be kept current as long as research diving activities continue.

Certification as a Scientific Diver is a relatively simple procedure that is designed to encourage and facilitate the safe and efficient use of diving in scientific research.

Course Offered

Date: TBD
Time: Varied morning, afternoon and evening sessions.
Training schedule
Location: TBD
Cost: TBD – for dry suit, other rentals, and cost of medical exam
To Register: Contact the Health and Safety Advisor

Program Details

The Dive Safety Program is designed to allow students, faculty and staff who are interested in using SCUBA diving as a research tool to do so in a safe and effective manner.

Through this program researchers with viable research projects may obtain approval to dive under university auspices, as well as receive free diving training and other benefits.

Benefits of taking part in the Dive Safety Program include:

  • UBC approval for the use of SCUBA diving as a tool for your studies and research projects.
  • Free (or low cost) diver training, including: Advanced and Rescue Diving Techniques, First Aid and CPR, oxygen administration, underwater research techniques and more.
  • Free use of O2 equipment, VHF radios and other safety equipment for research purposes.
  • Scientific Diver status and scientific diving experience enhances employment prospects.
  • Networking opportunities with other diving researchers on campus, throughout BC, North America and the world.
  • Membership in the Canadian Association for Underwater Science (CAUS), a national body of underwater research institutions and individuals.
  • Quarterly issues of the CAUS newsletter, the Underwater Science Report.
  • The opportunity to attend national CAUS scientific diving conferences and events.