*Please note: online CANVAS catalog available April 15th, 2020; online courses will be no longer be available on Moodle.  Practical sessions will be available once regular campus activities resume. Please visit covid19.ubc.ca for the latest updates on Coronavirus and UBC’s response.

Training Courses

Emergency Warden / Fire Safety

Volunteer Emergency Wardens aid in fire prevention and facilitate safe evacuation in the event of a building alarm.  This course is open to individuals within the University community who are interested in becoming an emergency warden.  The participants will, at the completion of the course, be able to understand basic fire science, fire extinguisher operation, evacuation procedures and fire prevention.  To register for Emergency Warden/Fire Safety training course visit the course registration webpage.

Fire Extinguisher

Each year, hands on fire extinguisher training is provided to the campus community.  Participants will learn extinguishing techniques as well as have an opportunity to extinguish a fire under the close guidance of the Kelowna Fire Department and Health, Safety and Environment.


Plan Familiarization

This is a two hour session designed to introduce UBC O personnel to the new UBCO Disaster Response Plan (DRP).  The first half of the session is a section-by-section review of the plan itself, and the second half involves participants referencing the plan to answer a series of scenario-based questions.  The session is structured to be as interactive and ‘hands-on’ as possible to maximize participants’ time.

This training is intended for any potential users of the Disaster Response Plan.  It is recommended that any designated primary or alternate members of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) attend this training.  Members of Campus Security who may have to work with this plan as members of the Incident Command Post (ICP) should also be in attendance.

Plan familiarization is a pre-requisite for those that need to take the Managing Emergency Operations Course.

Managing Emergency Operations

This is a five hour session designed to prepare members of the UBCO Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to respond to an incident.  This session builds off of the Plan Familiarization Training.

The first two and a half hours involves a review of the theory and process as to how the UBCO EOC will function.  Specific attention is given to how to activate the EOC, how to conduct the initial brief and develop the initial action plan, and how the EOC functions throughout a  response.  Throughout this time, participants have the opportunity to ask questions or comment on the subject material.

The next hour is focused on the activation aspect of a response.  Based on a scenario, participants are given questions pertaining to the activation of the EOC.  After the questions are taken up, the EOC is fully set up under the direction of the Emergency Director.

The final hour and a half of the training involves practising a response.  Based on the scenario previously given to them, the Emergency Director will coordinate an initial brief and lead the other EOC members in the development of an action plan.  Following this, each participant will be given scripted inputs at various times to simulate events or issues presented to the EOC.  As a group, the EOC works through these issues.  The training facilitator guides this part o fthe training, taking time when necessary to pause and work through any questions or challenges.  Time is dedicated at the end of the session to identify action items to develop and improve the existing system.

Managing Emergency Operations is required for membership on the EOC and should be taken as a refresher course every 3 – 4 years for existing EOC members.