Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

Biological Safety cabinets (BSC) and other HEPA filters containing equipment such as in-line HEPA filters and laminar flow hoods (LFH) must be assessed on an annual basis to ensure that they are providing the appropriate product, personnel and/or environment protection. In addition to providing protection to the researcher and the experiment, the certification also ensures compliance with UBC policies and standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Health, Safety and Environment at or (250)807-8656.

Certification Service Provider

For testing and certification services of biological safety cabinets (BSCs), laminar flow hoods (LFH) and in-line HEPA filters at UBC and its affiliates, the University has designated H.E.P.A. Filter Services Inc. as the sole service provider.

Certification of HEPA filtration units (BSC and LFH) is coordinated by Health, Safety and Environment to ensure efficient service to the Okanagan campus.

Policies and Standards

The certification of HEPA filtered equipment is in compliance with the following standards and guidelines:

Important Note about BSCs

Additional times a BSC needs to be certified:

  • When it is first installed
  • After it has been relocated
  • After a HEPA filter replacement
  • After a major service, such as a fan motor replacement

Using the BSC for non-hazardous work

A BSC must be re-certified even when it is used for non-hazardous materials (i.e. pouring media, working with DNA etc.). As the BSC is designed to provide product, personnel and/or environment protection, it must be tested yearly to ensure that it is functioning according to specifications. BSCs that are not re-certified when required will be signed as “Out of Order”.

Important Note about LFHs

Although not mandatory, we recommend your laminar flow hood is annually re-certified as you are using it to ensure the sterility of your product.