Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Any UBC faculty, staff or student dealing in the movement of materials classified as “Dangerous Goods” is required to take a TDG course under Transportation Canada regulations.

Who needs TDG training?

Any UBC faculty, staff or student who is ordering, shipping or receiving materials classified as ‘Dangerous Goods’ under the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Why are there different training courses?

Training is specific to each class of dangerous goods, with Class 6.2 (Biological materials) and Class 7 (Radioactivity) being very specialized.

How do I know if I have a valid TDG certificate?

Your TDG Training certificate is only valid if it has the name and address of your employer and is signed by both you and your supervisor. Also, keep your card on hand at work, because you have to produce it immediately if asked to do so by a Transport Canada inspector.

How long is a TDG certificate valid?

Your TDG certificate is valid based on whether you ship by air or ground. The certificate validity is as follows:

  • Ground shipment – 3 years
  • Air shipment – 2 years.

Which TDG training do I need and how much does it cost?

If you order, handle, ship or receive dangerous goods including… and have… then take…
Hazardous chemicals, fuels, lithium ion batteries, or compressed gases To ship or receive dangerous goods other than Classes 1, 6.2 or 7 as part of my work UBC Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Ground and Air On-line Training.

(no cost)


Please contact Health, Safety and Environment if you require TDG training that is not listed above.