Co-op Student Safety

Co-op Students are those who are placed with employers in an effort to gain important experience and apply the knowledge and skills that they are learning while at University. These students are paid employees of the employer with whom they are placed.


What resources are available for co-op students?

Co-op provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while studying at UBC. During your co-op placement, you are considered an employee of that organization. Your employer must comply with WorkSafeBC regulations and is obligated to ensure your health and safety during the placement.

In general, during your co-op placement you should expect to receive:

  • Workplace training and orientation
  • Supervision and feedback

If you do not feel that the safety measures at your co-op placement are adequate and compliant, please discuss it with your co-op supervisor. If you are not comfortable speaking directly with the co-op supervisor, you may bring your concerns to the employer’s Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the UBC Okanagan Co-op office, UBC HSE, or WorkSafeBC to request guidance and support.


What are my rights as a co-op student?

As an employee, you have the following rights:

  • Right to know about workplace hazards and controls
  • Right to participate in health and safety activities at the workplace
  • Right to refuse unsafe work

If you would like support in relation to understanding and exercising your rights, please do not hesitate to reach out to UBC HSE for guidance and support.