Green Labs

Green Labs

The Green Labs Program facilitates the sustainable reduction of the laboratory footprint on the environment.

HSE works in partnership with UBC Okanagan Sustainability on recycling and recovery programs. HSE also provides training, guidance, and consultations on green research initiatives. Examples of ongoing initiatives are:

  1. Clean glass waste is picked up and diverted to recycling (managed through the Hazardous Waste Inventory System)
  2. Lab plastics are recycled and tracked online (managed through the Sustainability Office)

Green Labs Lunch and Learn 2024

Do you love the planet? Do you want to limit the environmental impact of your laboratory work?

If yes, join us for the Green Labs Lunch and Learn.

Let’s talk about:

  1. Smart labs: new air sensing labs that reduce the amount of energy used.
  2. Recycling: old & new lab recycling programs for glass, plastic, pipette tips, gloves, cardboard and others.
  3. Waste: good waste management techniques that can reduce your waste created
  4. Green Labs Program resources: Green Labs Fund, International Freezer Challenge, Green Labs training
  5. Your lab: we want to hear from you

When: Thursday, February 22 at 1130 am

Where: Science 396

Registration is now closed.


A vegetarian lunch will be provided, but you must bring your own cup or mug.

Cohosted by: Sustainability OfficeHealth, Safety & Environment, Facilities Management Energy Team and Green Labs UBC

For more information about Green Labs Programs at UBC visit:

Green Labs Program

Green Labs Prize Draw

Each year Health, Safety & Environment run a prize draw for labs that contribute to green research initiatives on campus.

For more information on Okanagan initiatives, contact or (250)807-8656.