Hazardous Materials Management

Health, Safety & Environment coordinates, manages and handles hazardous waste generated at UBCO by adhering to local, regional and federal regulations.

The guides and procedures provided on this website allow for both waste generators and the University as a whole to ensure compliance with regulations, UBC policies, and best management practices

Hazardous material disposal follows a simple process:


Laboratory wastes and hazardous materials generated by the University through research, academic and operational activities are consolidated, recycled, re-used, neutralized or disposed. Main waste streams are chemical wastes, biological wastes, contaminated waste (chemical and/or biological), and reuse/recycle.

Health, Safety & Environment has developed hazardous waste guidance and disposal procedures to assist the University community in handling, managing and reducing wastes in the laboratory. Waste is responsibly and safely disposed of through the Hazardous Waste Inventory System (HWIS). If your materials are still useful, the Chemical Exchange Program can be used to rehome them.

For hazardous materials spills, please view the Hazardous Materials Spill Procedures

For non-hazardous wastes, please visit Facilities’ waste webpage

For recyclable lab waste, please visit Sustainability’s lab plastic recycling program

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