Contractor Safety

Contractor Safety

UBC strives to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment for all members of the campus community.  It is the responsibility of contractors to ensure that project work is performed in a safe manner and that it is in compliance with British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety regulations, any other applicable provincial and/or federal laws and/or regulations, and any UBC policies, procedures and other requirements that may apply.

Contractors are required to train, supervise and direct their employees to be mindful of the safety of UBC’s students, faculty, employees, neighbours and property when performing work on campus. The UBC Okanagan Contractor Safety and Orientation Manual is provided to identify specific responsibilities, communicate the availability of hazard information for university properties and to outline UBC Okanagan safety and environment procedures.

Contractors should also refer to the UBC Technical Guidelines for additional information.

Project Impact Assessment

All new construction and renovation projects must be assessed to determine potential health, safety and environmental impacts. A Project Impact Assessment must be completed, and all identified impacts must be reviewed and approved by Facilities Management and Health, Safety and Environment. Information pertaining to a Project Impact Assessment can be found in the UBC Okanagan Contractor Safety and Orientation Manual. This approval must be obtained prior to the commencement of the project to ensure proper action has been taken. All projects will be assessed on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager or University representative (i.e. Properties Trust, Campus Planning) to ensure the assessment is accurately completed and that appropriate action is taken to minimize disruption and protect faculty, staff, students, children, visitors, and animals.

Once the assessment is approved, Facilities Management will circulate the information to those impacted by the project. Please note that it is recommended that assessments be submitted 2 weeks prior to the anticipated project start date to ensure adequate time for project review.


This Work Procedure (WP) covers all excavation work performed on the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus (UBCO).  The Excavation Work Procedure is designed to ensure that underground utilities are not damaged during any type of excavation (digging) being performed on campus.

Is is mandatory that all excavation work carried out on campus be done in compliance with this and other relevant work procedures.

Facilities Management must approve all applications prior to commencement of any excavation and has the authority to prohibit access if unsafe conditions exist.