Working at Heights

Rooftop Access

The Rooftop Access Procedure applies to all persons who may be required to work in or require access to rooftops.  It is mandatory that all work carried out on the rooftops be done in compliance with this and other relevant work procedures.

Workers, contractors, and others that require access must be fully trained and knowledgeable of the issues and work procedures associated with rooftop access. The Rooftop Access Application must be completed and submitted to the Facilities Management prior to access.  Facilities Management must approve all applications prior to entry and has the authority to prohibit access if unsafe conditions exist.

Fall Protection

UBC Okanagan has implemented a Fall Protection Work Procedure for workers who will be working at heights or who may be exposed to a fall.  This procedure is to be used by all UBC Okanagan personnel to ensure that where there is the potential hazard of a fall, the work can be carried out without undue risk to the workers.  All workers must be knowledgeable of fall protection requirements and be trained in the selection and use of the appropriate procedures and equipment. A Fall Protection Plan may be required prior to work commencement and submitted to the Facilities Management for approval.