Hazardous Waste Inventory System

The Hazardous Waste Inventory System (HWIS) is an online database used to safely dispose of hazardous waste at UBC. For hazardous materials pickup complete an online request via the Hazardous Waste Inventory System (HWIS) by clicking the icon below. The HWIS is an online system for hazardous waste generators to submit hazardous wastes for pick up and disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Go to the HWIS login page and reset your password anytime by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link.

Note that HWIS is not CWL integrated. Please use your UBC email (.ubc.ca), but use or create your own unique password for this system.

Try to remember the exact email you’ve used to register. To login use your own UBC email exactly as it is registered or showing in the HWIS. Our system cannot reconcile the fact that the CWL email <CWLUserName@mail.ubc.ca> is the same as the official alias listed in the UBC directory <FirstName.LastName@ubc.ca>.

If you are an existing user or PI, you are encouraged to, and can still use, your old account by updating your contact information, including your email address.

The update panel will show every time you log in and you will not be able to continue unless your email is updated.

Please contact HSE to discuss your special case.

Please contact HSE. PIs must be faculty members. System administrators can designate other groups as faculty if they do not have a PI (mostly in teaching labs).

You may update your email, password, certificate info, new PI approvals, room number, department and building. If your department and building are not on the drop-down list, please contact HSE.

Yes, your PI can approve you as a lab contact even if his/her account is inactive, but your PI needs re-approval by admin for re-activation.

Yes, your PI can definitely approve you as a lab contact after login. Editing their user profile is not a necessary step.

PIs will just have to click on the notification link received from the system, or they can login to their HWIS account and approve users from the PI Admin Panel under their user home page and clicking on “Approve”.

Only system administrators can approve PIs.

No, HSE will not be able to accept any phone or email requests. Please wait for your PI’s approval.

The new mandatory safety training requirements will come in effect later for existing users and in the meantime, everyone can still use the system.