Isolation & Lockout

Lockout is the use of a lock or locks to render machinery or equipment inoperable or to isolate an energy source.  Isolation is the separation of an energy-isolating device from machinery or equipment by means of a gap, barrier, blind, blank, or similar means.

The purpose of the Isolation and Lockout Work Procedure is to prevent an energy-isolating device (such as a switch, circuit breaker, or valve) from accidentally or inadvertently being operated while workers are performing maintenance or repairs on machinery or equipment.

At UBC Okanagan, the Isolation and Lockout Work Procedure applies to any work being carried out on machinery or systems, including items that are powered, pressured, or energized, or to any situation where a device is required to be put in place so that work can be carried out safely.  This procedure is mandatory and will be strictly enforced.