Violence in the Workplace

Did You Know?

Members of the University Community who are faced with an urgent situation involving threatening or violent conduct, where there is reasonable belief that the safety of persons may be threatened, should contact the RCMP immediately.

Campus Security is available at all times and may dispatch the RCMP upon notification. Campus Security can be reached by dialing the University’s emergency number from an internal telephone or a Blue Phone (78111) or from an external phone (250-807-8111). Security may also be reached by accessing a Call Box and following the instructions. A Threat Report must be completed after the event and submitted to the HSE Associate Director within 24 hours of occurrence.

The University will take steps to remove immediately from campus a person who exhibits violent or threatening behaviour. Individuals may be suspended from the University and barred from the campus on a continuing basis for violent or threatening behaviour. The University will pursue appropriate legal and disciplinary measures in such cases. See the Response to At-Risk Behaviour for full policy content.